How to Clean an Air Cleaning Machine

Air Cleaning MachineRegular cleaning of air purifier is a must to make it last longer. Bear in mind that the role of this machine is to remove allergens from your house, because these substances can negatively affect your respiratory system that may result in breathing issues, especially if you have problems with your lungs.

For details and information on how a purifier works I would recommend Plenty Air, but here we’ll discuss how to maintain one.
To keep it in good working condition so it’ll continue catching impurities from the air inside your house, you’ll need to learn how to clean it.

The first thing that you’ll do is to unplug the machine from the electrical outlet. Then, slowly remove its front grill. If you’re not sure how to do it, consult its manufacturer’s instructions.

Get a basin and fill it with warm water and liquid dish soap. Then, soak the grill into it. Wipe the grill to remove dust and dirt. Afterwards, rinse it with warm water. Make sure that it’s totally dry.

With the use of a soft cloth, wipe the air purifier’s housing. Make use of an old toothbrush to get rid of the dirt in the air vents, use another clean cloth to wipe the inside of the machine, and finally assemble its parts again. Or simply buy a Winix as these are easier to clean.

When cleaning your air purifier, make sure that you don’t wash its carbon filters. Instead, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to clean them.

Why Upgrading to Memory Foam Mattress Is a Good Thing?

Memory Foam MattressUpgrading your mattress is a great thing, which is especially true if you’ve been using it for decades. One of the options you can have when upgrading is to choose memory foam mattress. It’s not an ordinary bed, so you’ll have to review everything that comes your way. If you know what you’re looking for, shopping for it becomes a pleasant task.


As previously mentioned, it’s not an ordinary bed. This is because its foam is temperature sensitive. It’s made of viscoelastic material allowing it to conform to your body shape when you’re lying on it. This means that when you lie down, your weight and heat shape the foam’s sleeping surface. Thus, the pressure points will be greatly reduced. Not only that. It also reduces the aches and pains you will feel in the morning when you wake up.

No frame

Unlike ordinary beds, memory foam doesn’t come with a bed frame, it is sold separately. However, this mattress doesn’t need a box spring, unlike the innerspring bed, and you’ll also notice that it’s lower than the bed you’re used to.

When looking for a bed frame for this mattress, you opt for a platform frame. However, any type of bed frames can work with it.

Shopping for memory foam mattress will help you realize that this type of mattress varies in thickness. But you’ll rarely find a set that’s made of 100% memory foam. Most of the models have memory foam on top. But their base is made of innerspring or other materials.

The GE 45131 Way To Protect Your Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are the weak spots to your house’s security as if ever criminals choose to enter your home, those are the spots they will target. Hence it makes perfect sense to install a door and window sensor system which will notify you if someone tries to break inside your house.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

The GE 45131 (reviewed here) as the name suggests is a wireless sensor system that can be used to protect your windows, main door, garage door, gate and even the fridge! You will, however, need to buy a wireless control system in order to control the sensors.

The best thing about this sensor system is that it is weather proof meaning you can easily install them outside your house to protect the doors and windows you want. It uses a two piece magnetic sensor system which is highly efficient.

This sensor system is considered the best in the market due to the option of multiple zones and sensors. The notification can be signal repeater, alarm or silent LED, you get to choose how you want to be informed. All in all, it is a very high quality wireless door and window sensor with a 150 feet range.

More information at the Home Security View website

How to Choose the Right Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

There are endless selections of modern kitchen faucets on the market. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you might want to consider getting pull-down kitchen faucets. They are not only attractive but they are also convenient and they offer different functionalities that make them worth an investment.pulldown Kitchen Faucet

But the question is, how are you going to find the best pull-down faucets that fit into your own kitchen?

Keep in mind that there a variety of them on the market. Hence, it is only important to know what type you should be buying to avoid regretting in the end.

Opt for a unit that suits well with the type of sink you have

Traditional sinks have three holes that can go along with a standard kitchen faucet with hot and cold handles. Some sinks can have a fourth hole for a small faucet sprayer found on the side. Most of the sinks that come with pre-drilled holes are sitting on top of the counter top.

If you have the type of sink described above, then a single-handle pull-down kitchen faucet is an ideal choice. It can already cover 3-hole sinks.

However, experts do recommend measuring the width of the sink holes before you opt for this type of faucet. This is to make sure that you have a kitchen faucet that has a deck plate that fits as it should be.

Go for under mount

If you are renovating your kitchen or replacing your sink, you may consider getting under mount sink. It usually fits well with pull-down kitchen faucets.

More information at

Make Cooking A Breeze With Induction Ranges

Induction cooktops provide a fast, safe and efficient way of cooking. But if you are an avid cooker then even an induction cooktop may not be able to make your task easy. But an induction range certainly can. Induction ranges are bigger units that are designed for people who love to cook.

A typical induction range usually has a few burners at the top for regular cooking. Then it might have one or a couple of ovens below the cooktop for more cooking options. Some models might also include a warming drawer to keep your foods warm.

The best thing about induction ranges is that you have separate temperature and power settings for all these sections. You can clean the induction ranges very easily, even the oven. You can get a lot of information on induction ranges at So put on your apron and start cooking a delicious meal.

Efficient Air Dehumidifiers For Your New House

If you have bought a new home and are preparing to decorate it then you must do a proper research before buying the electrical appliances. You have to be even more careful when it comes to air dehumidifiers. If your house is situated in a humid area then installing the best dehumidifier is a must.

One way to find out about quality air dehumidifiers at affordable prices is by reading a lot of reviews. You also need to choose the perfect type for your home. will give you that information and also help you identify the best brands in the market.

The Salt-free NuvoH2O Is A Ground Breaking Water Softener

The presence of excessive Calcium or Magnesium in the water is a problem for many modern homes. This “Hard Water” can cause health problems, damage the gadgets and apparatuses that use water and cause nasty lime-scaling. Water softeners used to get rid of such impurities primarily come in two flavors, salt-based and salt-free. Although salt-free water softeners are not always considered to be the most effective, the salt-free nuvoh2o is a revolutionary water filtration system that has shown some amazing results.

NuvoH2O Salt-Free Home Water Softener
How Does The NuvoH2O Work?

It does not use electricity or magnets. Instead, it uses a technology called “Chelation”. The “Chelating Agent” attracts and modifies Calcium and Magnesium keeping them soluble and hence prohibits them from forming lime-scale. The chelating agent in this case is citric acid which modifies the Calcium and Magnesium ions.

Some Interesting Features of NuvoH2O:

  • This water conditioner is only 24” X 5” in size hence it is easy to install and use.
  • Does not use magnet or electricity.
  • Perfect for use in apartments up to 2,000 sq. ft. in size.
  • Uses FDA and NSF approved parts.
  • Prevents lime-scaling, treats Calcium and Magnesium using unique Chelation technology.
  • Can remove existing lime-scaling from the plumbing.
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • 90 day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

As mentioned before, some people do not consider salt-free water filtration systems as water softeners at all. But the NuvoH2O and the unique technology it uses have proved the naysayers wrong so far. The rate of filtration is also very fast so you will not have to wait for treated water to come through the taps. The filters should be replaced after every 6 months or once 45,000 Gallons of water have been treated.

The NuvoH2O has been developed from 30 years of research. It is one of the most expensive water softeners in the market but delivers on every penny it costs. So if you have hard water problems at your home, just go for the NuvoH2O. Use this for your tap water and you will never have to look elsewhere for effective water filtration.

A Brief Discussion On Domestic Garbage Disposal Systems

Garbage disposal systems have been around for almost a century now but they became popular since after the Second World War. The oldest garbage disposal system brand is the InSinkerator which was founded in 1938. It is still operational and considered one of the best garbage disposal systems even today. Other than InSinkerator, Waste King, General Electrics and Kitchen Aid have also claimed their supremacy in this field.

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage

If you go through several reviews on food waste disposal online and offline, you will come across a lot of facts that will help you zero in on the perfect garbage disposal for your kitchen. If you do not have enough time for research then the following facts are definitely going to help you.

Some Buying Tips:

Selection Of Horsepower: The standard garbage disposal models are operated by 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 horsepower. The selection of horsepower typically depends on the available power supply, the number of people in your family and the estimated daily usage of the disposer. If the motor is not strong enough it might clog the sink drains so be very careful about this factor.

Durability: Since a garbage disposal system is generally installed under a kitchen sink, hence it is exposed to water for prolonged amounts of time every day. In the past this has been a great concern for manufacturers as this affected the longevity of the system. But the disposers of today are made from stainless steel which has eliminated the problem of corrosion to a large extent.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1 HP Garbage

Types Of Disposers:

The present day market is dominated by two variations of garbage disposal systems.

  • Continuous Feed: These are easy to use and the waste is disposed in a continuous fashion effectively decreasing the chance of clogging. The water and power consumption, however, is much more in this system apart from a few models.
  • Batch Feed: This system needs to have a plug installed with it which is placed in the opening from time to time to contain the flow of waste. Although this system saves water and power considerably, it is comparatively inconvenient to use and increases the chances of clogging the sink pipe.

Of the many varieties that have dominated the food waste disposal market, the evolution line of InSinkErator, the L series disposal systems from Waste King and a few models of Whirlaway are widely coveted by the buyers all around. Hope this small guide will help you make your decision.